Going Beyond Technology

At PSM Personnel we are progressive, we embrace technology and utilize it as a vehicle to providing an efficient service to our clients. On the 15 April 2021 we received a vacancy from our client for Senior Market Access Manager. The position was wildly distributed by the client, it became over-traded and this is our story;

  • We contacted a few candidate and submitted the top 3
  • The client interviewed 2 candidates from the 3 and shortlisted 1 for second round of interviews
  • Candidate couldn’t do the second interview as she had in the meantime accepted position elsewhere
  • Back to the drawing board – we submitted one more candidate who went through the whole recruitment process and received an offer
  • Unfortunately the candidates brother had just passed away at the same time of receiving her offer
  • While partnering closely with our client in keeping them informed, we gave our star candidate the much-needed emotional support.
  • Whilst happy with our clients’ offer, our candidate’s current employer counter-offered her and after spending time weighing up both offers she decided to remain with her employer. Upon weighing up the pros and cons, we supported our candidates’ personal decision and agreed that this was the best decision for her to take.
  • Back to the drawing board – we submitted 2 more candidates of which one was interviewed and accepted an offer. She started on 15th November

Recent technology advancements have transformed our recruitment landscape with one thing for certain and that is: we cannot remove the human element from a recruitment process.

The care, support and focus on gathering a deeper understanding of our candidates’ career path is PSMP’s focus.

We prioritize this over closing a deal and making that placement!

To find the right candidate for our clients we partner with them and relentlessly go through a recruitment process from the outset right to the end. We are committed to building human connections, understanding that technology is the enabler but it cannot replace the strong partnerships and relationships we have with both clients and candidates. 

We understand that recruitment done properly requires passion and Going Beyond Technology!